Judge Leonard Edwards (ret.)

“It must be understood that the best interests of a child are to find a safe, nurturing and permanent home for the child as soon as possible. Even with the heroic efforts of social workers and judges, it is not possible to predict the future with 100% accuracy. Temporary placement of children is damaging, although health and safety concerns often require it. A decision not to ‘decide’ is in reality a potentially damaging decision with long term implications for the child. Judicial officers must be leaders in ensuring that the safeguards provided for in the child protection process allow for the best decisions to be made within the realm of existing knowledge, and acknowledge that making decisions in these cases is not for the faint of heart.”

—The Honorable Judge Leonard Edwards (ret.)

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Welcome to the Juvenile Court Judges Corner, a website started by Judge Leonard Edwards (ret.) in a continuing effort to benefit judges and other professionals working in the juvenile court. This website contains information about Judge Edwards, his publications, presentations, and videos all of which are devoted to improving outcomes for children and families who appear in juvenile and family courts.

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NEW 2nd Edition of Groundbreaking Book for Juvenile and Family Court Judges

REASONABLE EFFORTS: A Judicial Perspective

“This book builds upon Judge Edwards’ first edition.  Among other things, it includes discussions of over 100 new cases, significant additions to the section on the ICWA, new sections on placement with relatives and engaging fathers, best practices for attorneys, the relationship between judges and directors of social services, a summary of recent national trends from national experts, three new appendices, and a discussion on one way to change court practice regarding judicial attention to reasonable efforts.

“This critical and informative resource belongs on every juvenile court judge’s bench, in every juvenile court attorney’s office, and must be included in all social worker training.  The ultimate beneficiaries will be the vulnerable children and their families that our system is designed to serve.”

—Judge Michael Nash (ret.)
Executive Director
Los Angeles Office of Child Protection

book cover for Reasonable Efforts: A Judicial Perspective, 2nd edition

[2014 First Edition remains available for a limited time]


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